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Leon, Nicaragua’s historic city

Leon is a colonial and historic city, located on the occident part of Nicaragua, it offers her visitors different places they can visit and enjoy her beuty, culture and tradition.

Cathedral of the City of Leon

This city  is also known as the University City, due to she holds the oldest university in the Country, and one of the last to be founded by the Spanish kingdom in America, that is the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua, or well known as the UNAN – León.

Leon is also home of the Cathedral of the Virgin of Assumption, a historic building that was constructed more than 400 years ago by the catholic Spanish settlers.

Ladies praying to the Virgin of  Merced

The majority of the people in Leon are catholic, believers of God and of the intersection of the Virgin Mary. In august the people of this city celebrate the Virgin of the Assumption, in September the Virgin of Merced. Practically true the hold year there are all kinds of religious festivities.  

Leon was also the home of the universal Poet Rubén Darío, who lifted up the name of Nicaragua in other countries and has inherited a change to the Spanish literature.

Monument of Ruben Dario

Leon, Santiago de los Caballeros as how some people will say is a historic place where many national heroes were born and blood was shaded for the freedom of our country –Nicaragua- .

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