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150 Years Of The Procession Of The Christ Of The Review In Leon.

Thousands of Catholic members celebrated today -Holy Monday- the 150 years of the magnificent procession of the Christ of the Review in the city of Leon.

From early hours this morning the procession left from the San Felipe temple accompanied by thousands of Catholic believers.

Last Saturday, April 2, was the Solemn Consecration of Our Lord of Consolation of the Review, today the catholic church of Leon is celebrating the 150 years of this Procession. 

The Mass of this celebration was celebrated by Monsignor Bosco Vivas Robelo, Bishop of the Diocese of León and Chinandega.

This tradition goes back to the year 1867 in which an outbreak of cholera affected the city of Leon killing a large part of the population, especially in the neighborhood San Felipe. The people of Leon beg the Lord to free them from the outbreak of cholera and if it was so they will celebrate every holy Monday the procession of the Christ of The Review. 

The procession was accompanied by sacred music from the band of the National Police, as well as other groups that join in the tour.

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