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During Holy Week 2017 in Nicaragua more than 3 million 800 thousand people mobilized the country

The Vice President of the Republic, Rosario Murillo, said in her daily speech that during this Easter 3,800,000 people was mobilized throughout the country.

"We have had a hectic week in the world, and a busy week in our Nicaragua in relation to which we moved 3 million 760 thousand 512 people, according to our National Police, we mobilized in 420 thousand vehicles -419 thousand 826- Towards spas, religious, sports, cultural and recreational activities; And also to the free exercise of their activities the self-employed, " said the Vice President.

"Imagine: 3 million 800 thousand people who were at all times protected by a singular operation, extraordinary of our National Police. Everyone had to do with the police presence that thank God we have a good polic, they mobilized with the heart. Our Police work to defend the joy of living in peace, to make us feel safe, the Nicaraguan families, ".

"There we saw them unfolding, without rest, under the inclement sun of Holy Week, to all our police caring for us with affection," added Rosario Murillo.

The Vice President said that from Palm Sunday to Resurrection Sunday there were 4,772 religious activities between processions and vigils, 493 covered spas and 540 bus shelters, 24 interdepartmental stops, 206 markets, 188 tourist destinations, 1 thousand 500 kilometers of roads where 97 critical points, 67 sections, 5 border control posts, 8 ports and 7 airports were prioritized.

Traffic Accidents
In this period there were 1,137 crimes, for a decrease of 206 crimes compared to last year.
Likewise, there were 696 accidents, which represent 10 less than in 2016. It is worth noting that these accidents left 28 deaths (4 less than the previous year). Of these, 12 were driving while intoxicated, 8 speeding and 8 for other violations of the Traffic Law.

Of the 28 deaths (22 men and 6 women), 10 were motorcycle drivers, 5 motorcycle passengers, 2 cyclists, 3 truck passengers, 1 car driver and 7 pedestrians.
There were 87 injured in accidents, compared to 94 in 2016.

She lamented that in this period there were 17 drowned (16 males and 1 female), of whom 7 were in a state of intoxication. Rosario noted that there were still 9 fewer drown than last year.

She offered her solidarity to the family of twins Carlos and William Aburto Alemán, 17, and his cousin Keyla Smart Alemán, the three are natives from San Marcos s, Carazo, who died drowned in El Cerrito area, in El Menco, Rivas.

The Vice President said that the Government has been accompanying the family to this tragic news.

Migration and Aliens
She reported that during this Holy Week, 97 thousand 113 people were registered and 88 thousand 134 were leaving the country, according to Migration and Aliens.

City hall information
She said that in 612 resorts monitored from the mayors and political secretaries, there were almost 3 million vacationers.

She pointed out that a great effort was made to guarantee cleanliness in 549 tourist sites, for which cleaning brigades were activated. However, there were places where the work was much more difficult at San Juan del Sur.

She emphasized that it was possible to ensure that traditional businesses carried out their economic activities without restrictions, while promoting recreational activities and sporting events in the most visited resorts.

The mayors also supported the maintenance of water supply and support for firefighters in the control of forest and structural fires.

They also supported families who suffered loss of loved ones during the season.

Ministry of Health
She stressed that the Ministry of Health (MINSA) provided 5,626 attentions through its 180 mobile medical posts, mobile brigades and health units.

There were 1,121 consultations for respiratory infections, 515 for hypertension, diabetes and epilepsy, 392 for trauma, blows and lacerations, 235 for acute diarrheal diseases, 131 for pneumonia, 127 for allergic reactions, 66 for stinging or stinging bites, jellyfish, Bees or other animals, 42 by insolation, 27 by conjunctivitis, 19 by burns, 18 by alcoholic intoxication, 1 by food poisoning, and 2,932 by other types of conditions.

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