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Government gave details of the construction of the Fray Antonio Park in the city of León

The Fray Antonio De Valdivieso park will be located in the Calvario neighborhood of the city of Leon and it will be completed in 90.

The Mayor of Leon, Dr. Roger Gurdián Vigil, announced to the entire population of León of the park and the location of this space.

The project will last 90 days, beginning Tuesday, April 18 and according to the Mayor of León, this park will have a dimension of 1,300 square meters.

The park will consist of two kiosks for sale of soft like drinks and two kiosks for the exhibition and sale of local crafts.

The Fray Antonio De Valdivieso Park will be adorned with lanterns, platforms, fountains and ramps. The project has an amount of 4.7 million cordobas and is financed with funds from the Central and local government.

In the center of the park will be placed the statue of Bishop Martyr Fray Antonio De Valdivieso and around this statue will have gardeners, at the entrance of the park, there will be a colonial arch similar to the entrance of old Leon that is located in the municipality of La Peace Center community of Momotombo.

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