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León and Cerro Negro volcano inspire the creation of craft beer

Cerro Negro Brewing Company, a company that takes the name of our famous volcano, sells craft beers made in Leon that have a great acceptance between nationals and foreigners who visit the city.

Ariel Oviedo, Claraliz Oviedo and Nortlan Navarrete, began to develop the idea in 2014 when he (Ariel) first tasted in Spain refreshing artisan beers of European origin. That first encounter ignited the spark of this young entrepreneur who did not hesitate to look for information to know in detail everything related to this type of production.

Since then, along with his friend and colleague Nortlan Navarrete, they gave the mission to provide Nicaraguans with the experience of consuming a craft beer with styles completely different from traditional ones.

In Leon and as a tribute to its most distinctive seal, Cerro Negro, decided to undertake the project and give it a name that emphasized one of the most representative elements of the department.

The colonial past of the city, its attractive architecture and captivating history, the delicious gastronomy and the pride of the Leoneses, are the elements that give life to the six craft beers that will commercialize at national level.

"For us, the city of León is synonymous of history, the birthplace of talents, as well as its colonial, university and bohemian atmosphere, it’s really a mandatory tourist destination for those who visit to Nicaragua," said the young woman.

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