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The Asososca Lagoon, a Nicaraguan beauty

"A challenge" its call by those who hike this tourist destination located in the municipality of La Paz Centro in the department of León.

It has an approximate aquatic extension of 1200 meters from north to south and 800 meters from east to west. The Laguna del Tigre or Asososca, as it is popularly known by the people of La Paz Centro; Not many virgin waters have our beautiful Nicaragua but this lagoon is one of them.

It has a viewpoint that allows people to observe the lagoon with greater clarity, you can also see the volcano Momotombito, some beaches of the municipality of La Paz and the ruins of Leon Viejo.

Among some species you can find around this striking lagoon are: lizards, boas, coyotes, water snakes, deer, white face monkeys and a variety of birds, in addition to the view of the green flora that it possesses.

This tourist site offers a variety of natural attractions that satisfies its visitors, it is worth mentioning that this reserve is protected by the national authorities.

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