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Ometepe Island, a oasis of peace

Three and a half hours from the capital of Nicaragua is located the island of Ometepe in the department of Rivas, with an extension of approximately 276 Square kilometers, home of two volcanoes Concepcion and Maderas surrounded by the great lake of Nicaragua.

The island has many natural treasures and mainly tourist destinations that allow a large number of visitors as well as foreign visitors. Among the various places that you can visit are: Charco Verde, Santo Domingo palaya, Ojo de Agua, Laguna Maderas, Cascada San Ramón, Punta Jesús Marí and Rio Istiam.

Ometepe hold numerous reserves with important biodiversity, in addition you can appreciate the archaeological wealth prevailing since ancient times.

Despite having paradisiacal landscapes, tourist attractions are also characterized by its passive and hospitable environment, inhabited by friendly and smiling people in love with their land.

One of the representative dances of Ometepe is the Dance of the Zompopo that gave origin in Colonial times.

When visiting Ometepe you will be able to delight of an exquisite Gastronomy. Is a natural, scenic paradise and a pre-Columbian sanctuary that astonishes visitors from all over the world, in 2010 it was recognized as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.

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